Career Happiness for High Achieving Women


Are you a high achieving professional woman who:

  • Has worked hard and rapidly advanced your career only to find that it’s not as satisfying or exciting as you’d imagined?
  • Feels bored, undervalued, or stuck in the wrong work?
  • Experiences guilt at the mere thought of making a change after all that education and experience you’ve collected to build THIS career?
  • Earns a salary and benefits that are so attractive you fear losing all you’ve worked so hard to achieve?
  • Is kept awake at night by that little voice inside telling you there is something more?

I get it!!! And I’m here to help

Let’s talk and get YOU on the fast track to YOUR Career Happiness.

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3 Interviewing Secrets to Land Remarkable Job Offers:

*from a seasoned recruiter’s perspective

3 Interviewing Secrets to Land Remarkable Job Offers is written from a recruiter’s perspective – I have over twenty years of experience interviewing candidates, training managers to conduct interviews, and debriefing with leaders on the aftermath of these conversations.

After you’ve read about a million interview evaluations, you truly know what to say, and not to say, in order to connect with the right opportunities and secure enticing job offers.

Get ready to peek inside the talent acquisition department curtain and learn how to ace your interviews and find a career you love!

Let’s Find Your Dream Work!  

Hi, my name is Carol and I am the queen of pushing myself in a direction only to find it doesn’t satisfy.  

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I learned the hard way (my own career path looks like a kindergartner’s finger painting) that you must ditch the false limiting beliefs, expectations, and rules that we (and others) have placed upon us, and go out there and grab our passionate, exciting work lives!

With twenty years of experience in corporate talent acquisition recruiting, training, and coaching, I am uniquely qualified to lead my smart, ambitious sisters in designing the Career Happiness Map of their dreams and living it into reality.

In addition, I hold a master’s degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University, and am a Certified Career Coach (CCC) with the Career Coach Institute.

I learned how to overcome all the obstacles keeping me on the other side of career happiness, and now I LOVE my career and my life.

The best news! I’m ready to share all I’ve discovered with you – so you can manifest YOUR version of career bliss!

Let’s talk and get YOU on the fast track to YOUR Career Happiness.


Partnering with Carol to strategically plan your career, uncover your next career opportunity and/or make the most of the role you have is the RIGHT DECISION. Carol is not just a career coach, but a career partner. She helps you gain clarity around your objects, gain confidence during and beyond your job search and support you as you transition into your new role. She is invested in your success and truly cares. Job searching is draining and can eat away at your confidence, making it hard to present your best self when opportunities do arise. Be proactive and work with Carol, so you are always present and on top of your game through any ups and downs in your career.

Elizabeth C

What I enjoyed most about my coaching experience was Carol’s non-judgmental attitude, and openness to my honest and candid communication. Plus, her humor and energy bring a fun approach to stressful self-examination.

Jennifer M

Carol is amazing to work with. She listens intently and has wonderful ideas to help you find what truly speaks to you in your career. Her journaling prompts are so helpful and it’s been such a fun experience working with her. A truly incredible experience.

Kiley S

I’ve felt so very lost for a while now. I didn’t even know where to start. With Carol’s help, I have learned to expand my horizons, and look beyond what seems like the “only” possible career path for my skill sets. There are many, many things I can do! I would definitely recommend Carol.

Laura H

Carol brought fun and focus to a stressful task that I had been putting off for far too long. She asked the right questions, giving me insight and a fresh perspective as to my strengths, and helped me see the forest instead of being paralyzed by hundreds of trees. I wholeheartedly recommend Carol to anybody in need of career change guidance!

Dawn T

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