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It’s Never Too Late to Get Unstuck

Whatever misguided directions or wrong turns you’ve taken, you can always turn the car around. Together we can begin to build a new road to success, YOUR success, by designing and navigating YOUR Career Happiness Map, one step at a time.

You’re in the driver’s seat.

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Let’s Find Your Dream Work!  

My purpose as your Career Transformation Coach is to lead YOU to that “ah-ha” moment, and effectively implement the steps required to fulfill YOUR carefully crafted career goals. 

However, you might say:

“Carol, I can figure this out on my own. I have the Internet and a myriad of resources.”

And sure, you do have a plethora of information available to easily access, any time you need it. But how overwhelming is that? How conflicting is that information? How accurate? Is it tailored to you? Does the Internet create meaningful dialogue, ask the right questions, and challenge you to shape a future that will allow your best self to grow and flourish?

Um, no.

I know you’re impatient.

Feeling stuck in the wrong career is confusing, and can even be painful. I know, I’ve been there! You desperately want to hit the reset button, but your responsibilities are too great to just jump ship. And where would you jump to anyway? 

I have lived through this dilemma on my own career path, and I’ve learned that no matter how smart and focused you are, going it alone is tough. You waste precious time and money, and in some cases, you sacrifice your health and well-being due to the stress of indecision and fear of failure.

Having an experienced, supportive, and motivational partner at every stage of your career is the best way to optimize your skills, experience, and education to craft a career that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning to get started. 

Treating yourself to supportive and skilled career coaching is a gift to yourself, but it’s also a time and money saver in the long run. And if you’re a dedicated partner in the process, the long run may be a lot shorter than you imagined.

I wish I had a “me” twenty or thirty years ago.  However, because I didn’t, I learned many things the hard way, so now you don’t have to! My years of corporate recruiting and coaching experience, coupled with the wisdom gained from many mistakes and false starts, have prepared me well to help others to do better in less time, and with excellent results.

So, you have a “me.”  And I can’t wait to meet “you.” 😊


Partnering with Carol to strategically plan your career, uncover your next career opportunity and/or make the most of the role you have is the RIGHT DECISION. Carol is not just a career coach, but a career partner. She helps you gain clarity around your objects, gain confidence during and beyond your job search and support you as you transition into your new role. She is invested in your success and truly cares. Job searching is draining and can eat away at your confidence, making it hard to present your best self when opportunities do arise. Be proactive and work with Carol, so you are always present and on top of your game through any ups and downs in your career.

Elizabeth C

What I enjoyed most about my coaching experience was Carol’s non-judgmental attitude, and openness to my honest and candid communication. Plus, her humor and energy bring a fun approach to stressful self-examination.

Jennifer M

Carol is amazing to work with. She listens intently and has wonderful ideas to help you find what truly speaks to you in your career. Her journaling prompts are so helpful and it’s been such a fun experience working with her. A truly incredible experience.

Kiley S

I’ve felt so very lost for a while now. I didn’t even know where to start. With Carol’s help, I have learned to expand my horizons, and look beyond what seems like the “only” possible career path for my skill sets. There are many, many things I can do! I would definitely recommend Carol.

Laura H

Carol brought fun and focus to a stressful task that I had been putting off for far too long. She asked the right questions, giving me insight and a fresh perspective as to my strengths, and helped me see the forest instead of being paralyzed by hundreds of trees. I wholeheartedly recommend Carol to anybody in need of career change guidance!

Dawn T

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The Smart Chick's Guide to Career Happiness


If you’d love to wake up looking forward to a fun and rewarding work day, deeply aligned with your career sweet spot, Carol Maloney-Scott will lead you to Career Happiness Discovery!

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