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Our free, 9-day Career Prosperity Rescue Workshop will teach you the simplest career development strategy on the planet, so you can discover YOUR career happiness and love your workdays!

It’s time to say good-bye to sending your resume into the black hole of job boards, awkward attempts at networking, and the tired strategies all the other job seekers are using.

Don’t wait until things are back to “normal” to claim your career happiness! Yes, I said CLAIM!

The productive, proactive planners (yes, that’s a lot of P’s) will come out on top now and in the future.

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What is Career Happiness Map Coaching? 


Career Happiness Map Coaching is a systematic process designed to guide you to your career purpose and help you to make it reality!

I learned the hard way (my own career path looks like a kindergartner’s finger painting) that you must ditch the false limiting beliefs, expectations, and rules that we (and others) have placed upon us, and go out there and grab our passionate, exciting work lives!

I learned how to overcome all the obstacles keeping me on the other side of career happiness, and now I LOVE my career and my life.

The best news! I’m ready to share all I’ve discovered with you – so you can manifest YOUR version of career bliss!


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If you’d love to wake up looking forward to a fun and rewarding work day, deeply aligned with your career sweet spot, Carol Maloney-Scott will lead you to Career Happiness Discovery!


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