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Aspiring Career Happiness Coaches:

This is THE place to be for women who want to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of others, and create a life of flexibility, prosperity, and freedom in their own work.

Career coaching is needed like never before as the world is experiencing a paradigm shift in the way we work and live. People tend to resist and fear change, and they need experienced, skilled guidance to overcome their fears and find new ways to excel in their careers. 

The opportunities for new career coaches in all niches are vast, and those individuals with a recruiting, talent acquisition, human resources, or related background are the most successful moving into this space. 

Anyone can call themselves a coach, but clients know better, and they want to work with someone who really knows the hiring process, as well as industry coaching standards and a framework for getting results! 

Join this group if your curiosity is piqued and you’d like to learn more about the field of career coaching and how you can join this rewarding profession.

Smart Chicks Career Club FB Group:

I am so excited to invite you to join this fun and purposeful group where I share my love of career transformation!I will be sharing posts, videos, free training, journaling prompts, links to articles and books I LOVE, and engaging discussion around career transformation, especially for mid to later career professional woman who feel stuck in the wrong career, and are afraid it’s too late to make a change.


This will be a great resource and community for those of us who have been there, and those who are stuck in that career ditch right now.

Let’s come together and help you out of the career ditch, so you can have the fulfilling work life you were born to claim!

Work CAN and SHOULD be FUN!

See you in the group!


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