FREE Guide: Journaling Prompts to Launch Your Next Career Adventure

Do you feel stuck in a career ditch? Complaining to your friends and family? Dreading Mondays? Crying in the parking lot?

Do you wish you could figure out HOW to pull yourself out and get your career car driving down the road to a beautiful, fun work life?

But that seems SOOO daunting and confusing, and it’s easier to just watch Netflix and eat cupcakes?

I know! I’ve been there multiple times – you need a PLAN!

Yes, plan is a 4 letter word, but it’s one full of hope and promise and excitement – especially if you do it right.


If you’re ready to invest in yourself and turn work into play every day for the rest of your life, download my free guide to get started!

Journaling Prompts to Launch Your Next Career Adventure is like the jumper cable you need to revive your career engine.

Be prepared to learn how to use the power of journaling to begin anew, and rewrite the script of your career life, starring YOU as the happy and fulfilled main character on your most exciting adventure!

It’s only too late if you don’t start!

Career Happiness Map Coaching is a systematic, contemplative and TRANSFORMATIVE career development process for people who feel stuck and frustrated in the wrong career.

Misguided choices CAN be overcome. Let’s make work days FUN!

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