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1:1 Coaching Slots OPEN NOW!!!

Exciting news!

I’ve opened up a limited number of 1:1 coaching slots for women who want to conquer fear, get unstuck, and LOVE their work!

Work Can and SHOULD be FUN!

My solutions follow a framework and a proven method to get you to where you want to be, BUT they are not cookie cutter “packages.”

We will discuss your unique career situation, and I will work with you to design a program of duration and content to fit YOUR needs and meet you where YOU are.

Let’s get YOU on the road to your ideal work life!!

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Your Career Happiness Map: Conquer Fear, Get Unstuck and Accelerate Career Transformation

Working with me directly in small group coaching sessions via Zoom meetings, we will design YOUR unique and exciting Career Happiness Map!

In in this fun and actionable program, you will get:

  • 6 sessions to deep dive into your pain points and quickly turn them into EXCITING PLANS
  • Email support in between sessions to ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT your progress
  • Journaling exercises designed to further define your deepest CAREER DESIRES
  • Meaningful ‘FUNWORK’ to excite your imagination and outline practical direction
  • Resume review BONUS designed to launch you into job search action

Step 1: Discovery

  • Session 1: Clarity – define the target by looking at skills, experience and job market conditions
  • Session 2: Clues – begin to dig into possible paths based on interests, values and motivators

Step 2: Definition

  • Session 3: Compass – design your step-by-step Career Happiness Map to your desired work
  • Session 4: Courage – identify and overcome limiting beliefs and fears around career change

Step 3: Directions

  • Session 5: Community – create a network of support and information to further define target
  • Session 6: Confidence – master outreach to unpublished job market contacts and make the mindset changes necessary to follow the map

Your career is a HUGE part of your LIFE! Therefore, it isn’t just about finding a new job – it’s about crafting the life YOU want to live through the lifelong pursuit of meaningful work, adventure and FUN!

Expect the bonuses of:

  • Understanding (I’ve been where you are!)
  • Knowledge (my experience and education are put to work for you!)
  • AND
  • Laughter (if it’s not fun, why are we doing it?)

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