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Career Happiness Discovery

If you’d love to wake up looking forward to a fun and rewarding workday, deeply aligned with your career sweet spot, join me an exciting, in-depth 1:1 coaching experience – Career Happiness Discovery!

Are You Ready To: 

  • Conquer your limiting doubts and fears?

  • Uncover your true career calling and purpose?

  • Replace confusion with a crystal clear vision?

  • Form your supportive and inspirational tribe?

  • Create the map to guide you to your dream work?

  • Develop the confidence to grab your career dreams?

Join me in Career Happiness Discovery, and get on the road to a certain destination – your ideal work!


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Career Happiness Intensive

Do you have a career idea, but not sure if it’s viable?

Need to talk through  a big career decision  before you take action?

Wish you could just  work on your career challenge/issue/question with an experienced career coach without signing up for a coaching package or course?

Not sure if coaching  is for you and want to test the process?

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, the 1:1 Career Happiness Intensive is for you!

In a personal, two-hour Zoom video conference we will dig into your issue and strategize a solution/next step/direction that will move you to the next level in your career…and life!

In-depth sessions are powerful and can absolutely move the needle on your career dreams and give you results.

As soon as you sign up you will receive several worksheets that will prepare you (and me!) for our meeting so that we don’t waste any time on the call introducing the problem and starting from scratch on the solution.

You will send your completed assignments to me before the call, and I will be prepared to ask the right questions to frame the discussion around your desired outcome.

Click the button below to get started right away! You’ll be contacted to schedule your intensive.

If you have questions before you commit, please contact me here.

Questions for Carol? Click below to book a FREE call

Questions for Carol? Click below to book a FREE call

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