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Let’s Spread Career Happiness!

Are you a smart chick 🐥 who is feeling stuck in a career you’ve outgrown?

That was me a few years ago. With more than twenty years in talent acquisition, I was sooooo ready for a change! 🤦🏼‍♀️

There are sooo many places you could take your career, but the choices are sometimes confusing and a bit daunting, and it’s hard to find the time and energy to figure it all out on your own. 🤔

It’s easy to get disappointed and frustrated, and settle for less than what you deserve! 

Whether you are ready to move UP, OVER, or OUT of your current work, or you dream of starting your own business – we have you covered at Career Happiness Map Coaching! 💥 

My “Certified Career Happiness Coach” training program is designed for professional women who are ready to start the business of their dreams!

If you are yearning for more impact, freedom, and unlimited earnings in your work life, career coaching is for you!

My program is carefully designed to help talented professionals reach for the next step that aligns with their purpose, and get results with ease, fun, and no stress!

Complete the program requirements in as little as 12 weeks or as long as a year, with 6 months of live support sessions designed to perfect your craft and refine your business plan!

This is an ESPECIALLY exciting business for burned-out Recruiters who are over the whole feast-or-famine cycle in corporate and agency TA! One day they’re begging for Recruiters and the next it’s layoffs galore. I love TA, but I also love options for income and impact that are not tied to anyone else’s agenda.

And if you are thinking – “entrepreneurship is NOT for me, Carol”, I’d love to tell you about my 1:1 career coaching program designed for professional women who are ready to clear the career cobwebs and find their unique career happiness!

My 1:1 career coaching program is a fun, practical, and laser-focused solution crafted with YOU in mind.

I’ve synthesized everything I’ve learned in my own career, my educational programs, and most importantly – from coaching my own clients to HUGE successes – and wrapped it up in a “one-stop shop” for “all things career development”.

Your career supports your whole life – isn’t it time to give it (AND YOU) the love you both deserve?

If this sounds like an exciting chance to chart a new, happier course in your career, please reach out and schedule a free discovery call.

To YOUR career happiness!

Client Testimonials


Carol reached out to me in late 2020, at what seemed like the perfect time. Her message was brief and it piqued my interest to learn more about the coaching program she was offering. I replied to her message and we scheduled some time to discuss her program. I really only needed a few minutes of speaking with her to realize that she understood exactly how I was feeling at that point in my career, because she had been there in the past as well. It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to enroll in her Certified Career Happiness Coach program. The course started in January 2021 and just ended in June 2021. Her program was well put together. Carol’s personality makes the entire program and interaction during class very enjoyable, and most importantly for me, she is very easy to learn from. The way she teaches is very relatable and simple to understand. I graduated from the course feeling well prepared and educated to offer career coaching services in the future. The one aspect that I didn’t expect to gain from Carol’s program was insight into my own career and a lot of self-reflection. It was such an enlightening experience for me over the course of 6 months that I was able to build the courage to make some much needed shifts in my career, all of which I likely would not have done at that time, if it hadn’t been for Carol and this program. With all of that said, I highly recommend Carol for coaching services and/or her Certified Career Happiness Coach program. You won’t be disappointed.
Erica Miller

TA Program Manager & Certified Career Happiness Coach

I was fortunate enough to be a part of Carol’s inaugural Career Happiness Mapping coaching program and can honestly say it provided me with the resources, and more importantly, the confidence I needed to pursue career coaching. Carol’s comprehensive approach covers everything from coaching best practices to starting your own business and is truly designed to prepare graduates with everything they need to start their own coaching journey. I highly recommend this program for any HR or Recruiting professional interested in pursuing career coaching! Elyssa Feliciano, Talent Acquisition & Career Coach

Elyssa Feliciano

Talent Acquisition & Career Coach

Carol is a great career coach and business development mentor. Whether you are looking to grow within your current organization or field, or looking to make a career change, Carol will inspire you and move you into action. She is relatable, knowledgeable, energetic, fun and focused. Her own journey is an absolute example of making dreams come true.
Joyce Lewis

Talent Acquisition Professional

Carol is a talented career coach who specializes in coaching women who have a desire to grow personally and professionally. She helped me realize the value of my experience and expertise in my field and challenges me to go outside my comfort zone. I recommend Carol to women who want to maximize their potential!

Amanda Garofalo

Director, Clinical Operations

Carol is an energetic and motivational coach! Her enthusiasm drew me in right away and I’ve benefited from her Career Happiness coaching sessions and tools. Carol really gets you to connect to and remember your childhood dreams of what you wanted to be when you grew up. The work that she does with you helps you dig deep to discover what it is that you are most passionate about doing in life. She was born to do this work and I have no doubt that she’ll continue helping women realize their Career Happiness path for a long time.
Stefani Crumley

Senior Internal Communications Specialist

Carol Maloney-Scott is amazing at what she does!! She has assisted so many women gain clarity and focus to break out and follow their passions. End game, career happiness and a self fulfillment. I speak from experience, since I was a client. I have since started my own company. I encourage one and all to join whatever type of courses or classes Carol offers, whether group or individual. Honestly, there will be no losses, only wins. I am so grateful and thankful that I have participated. Thank you so much Carol!!
Michele Chernack-McNulty

CEO, MJ Export Consultants, LLC

I am happy to recommend Carol as a career coach! Like so many others, Carol found me. I’m so happy she did because my one-on-one time with her along with the time I spent participating in her Career Happiness Studio have were invaluable. Her passion, energy and drive to empower women to find career happiness is infectious. I left every encounter feeling like “Yes, I can!” In addition to drawing on her own life experiences to give honest, practical and insightful guidance, she also creates a collaborative environment for women to draw on each other’s experiences as well. I highly encourage anyone struggling to find their next opportunity or at a career crossroads to reach out to Carol!
Nancy Robinson

Senior Vice President, Director, Treasury Management

In just 30 minutes Carol inspired me to explore how I can get back to my true passion and joy which is working with young people and their families. I realized after speaking with her that I was on the wrong career path and could take my current skills and create a new direction. I began to explore the things we discussed after our talk and am on my way to my new future. After a mere 30 minutes of coaching with Carol I gained a level of clarity that I did not have before and never thought possible. Because of Carol, I have a clear plan for my future and I could not be more excited!
Melanie German

Personal Development Coach, SIS Manager

I have just landed the best job of my career. I have been working with Carol for a few weeks and with her help I was more confident, knew what to say and what not to say, and was completely at ease with the interview. Carol is the best! Get with Carol and go land your best job ever!

Becky Westerfield

Executive Director, Nursing Homes & Assisted Living

Carol is a fantastic career coach! She takes the time to get to know her clients and asks good questions to get at what the client really wants from her/his career. She was encouraging and also provided good feedback that challenged my views in a constructive way. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a career change or simply a new job. Carol is the best!

Dana Mariani-Lada

Training & Facilitation Consultant

Carol provides insightful resources, real-time advice, a different perspective, and an abundance of resources. She is constantly aiming to find new avenues to help her clients, and sometimes I can’t even keep up with her! I was astounded at how much effort she puts into everything she does, and her clients’ successes prove it! I’ve gotten more job interviews in the past few weeks than I’ve had in the last year of job searching, and I owe this to Carol. I will continue to use her as a resource well after I obtain a job as a resource for continually building my career. I recommend Carol to anyone who is struggling with the job hunt process, trying to figure out a career shift, or even in a job they love already and just wishes to grow their career even more. Carol is so open, friendly, communicative, and brilliant at what she does!

Tracy Gibson

Marketing Manager

I came to Carol in a very depressed state of mind. I was unhappy with my career and questioning whether to even stay in my industry, unhappy with the state of the world and having to be cooped up all day due to Covid, and generally unhappy due to low self-confidence.

Each meeting with Carol gave me renewed strength, self worth and motivation to keep moving forward. She opened my eyes to avenues I hadn’t ever considered, encouraged my crazy ideas and made them actually seem feasible, and gently steered me away from things she felt weren’t right for me. Her direction, enthusiasm and positivity were exactly what I needed to get through that rough patch.

I have since landed a 6-figure position with a great company and attribute much of my confidence going into those negotiations to Carol. I will definitely call on her again should I find myself at another crossroads. Thank you Carol!!

Janet P.

Executive Producer

Carol is an excellent go-to person whenever I have questions about my career, work politics, preparing for an interview – or just need a confidence boost. Her business acumen and intuition about people is always very helpful in navigating situations. Plus, she’s fun to talk to!

Monica J.

Regional Communications Director

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