Wouldn’t it feel amazing to spend a whole Saturday focusing only on your own wants, needs, and hopes for your life?

How many of those Saturdays are left in 2019?

If you are like me, or any other woman trying to do and have it all, probably not many. Maybe even zero as we head into the Thanksgiving week in the US.

When my son was little and I was working outside the home full time, I always had a meltdown around mid-December, declaring, “How can I be expected to work and do Christmas?”

There were many contributing factors to that stress level, but two of the biggest ones were:

a) I felt the need to be a perfect homemaker and a perfect employee.

b) I absolutely hated my job.

Because I received no satisfaction from my work, I put all of my emotional energy into my personal life – so when that became more stressful, I was a mess everywhere.

The solution (which it took me MANY years to figure out) was to take more time for myself – NO, DEMAND IT! And to find, pursue and manifest work that I love.

Today I have no holiday stress, and I do things my way – the way that benefits everyone because I am my best self.

What if you could spend one Saturday in January and finally figure out your career path, and create the map to get you there?

What if it was in a comfortable environment (your home or a beautiful co-working space)? And you were surrounded by other women who are all seeking career happiness with you?

And your leader was fun, experienced, and supportive?

If you’ve been trying to figure it out on your own and you never can seem to find the time, energy, focus, or clarity to come to any actionable and EXCITING conclusions or RESULTS, check out the link below and give yourself a gift this holiday season:


The gift of your own career (and life) happiness!

Ladies, they are one and the same.

Reach out with questions!

And remember, other people can do things, too. 

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