Have you always had that little voice in the back of your mind saying, “I wish I could work for myself!”

In 5 days, Discover the Path to Moving from Recruiter to Career Coach

April 4-8, 2022

✔️ Learn the fun, fulfilling and financially free business model in this actionable and engaging event

✔️ Find out the 3 things you need to get started

✔️ Gain confidence that it’s VERY possible for you

Walk away knowing how to leverage your professional skills, identify your passions, and help you target your ideal niche and create an offer to sell to them!

This Workshop Starts In…








Meet Carol, your Workshop Host:

Carol Maloney-Scott
Owner and Founder of Career Happiness Map Coaching

I’ve been where you are, wanting to start my career coaching business and escape the corporate world – but having zero clues as to how to do it, even after earning a master’s degree and twenty years of corporate TA experience.

I took it step by step and made a LOT of mistakes and false starts, until I was able to figure it all out and tie it together to launch the business…and lifestyle of my dreams!

Isn’t it time to actually get STARTED?

After all, objects in motion stay in motion
(that’s all I learned in physics class – hahaha)

Still Wondering if this Workshop is for You?

All your questions will be answered!

Day 1 – Is Career Coaching the Path for You?

Day 2 – How do you Leverage Your Recruiting Skills to Excel?

Day 3 – Who Are You Led to Help?

Day 4 – What Would Your Offer Be?

Day 5 – How Do You Attract Your Dream Clients?

Reserve your spot and I’ll see you in the workshop soon!

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