I know when the word RELOCATION comes up, there can be a lot of emotions ignited for many people.

“Carol, I can’t leave my family/friends/massage therapist/hairdresser/dentist/pet sitter, etc.”

I understand it’s harder if you have kids who are in school or a spouse with a full-time job.

However, PLENTY of people in these circumstances move far away to pursue their dreams.

What’s it worth to you?

Are you just assuming you can’t make it work? Or you won’t be supported?

Are you using any of these assumptions as excuses to stay stuck?

If you long to be a marine biologist and you live in Kansas, or a TV star and you live in Alabama, or a cattle farmer and you live in Manhattan…

You get the idea.

And while those are extreme examples, there are still places that are more conducive to success in one field or another.

Some areas are heavy in defense, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, tourism, finance, fashion, etc.

You don’t have to sell your house tomorrow and run out of town like your hair is on fire.

Just consider it. Are you in the right place to live your dreams?

And if the answer is no – start brainstorming on how you can find the ideal location to launch your passionate, happy career.

Or maybe your location is virtual – don’t assume that’s not an option for you. Let’s explore.

And if you decide to jump into a different fishbowl, chances are the people in your life will be on board, and you can always find another wonderful massage therapist, hairdresser, dentist and pet sitter.

I did. 😊

I’d love to chat about how we can work together to discover your career happiness!!

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