Carol’s Career Happiness Blueprint


The easy, actionable mini course for professional women ready to land their dream jobs and discover career happiness!

Can you imagine getting interviews with your dream employers and receiving your ideal job offers? All with ease and confidence?

Getting off the hamster wheel of fear, confusion, and frustration?

I know that sounds amazing, but I imagine after trying the job search process on your own – perhaps multiple times – you’re tired of applying into a seemingly black hole and hearing crickets, right?

And you may want to sign up for 1:1 coaching, but you aren’t sure about the investment.

Or perhaps you’ve read all about my Career Happiness Studio membership community, and you’d love to join, but you don’t like joining things, and you’re not sure if you need the ongoing support.

If you’re a one and done DIY type of Smart Chick, I have the program for you!

Are you…

Sick of sending out resumes with no replies or computer-generated form emails rejecting you with no explanation?

Going on dead end interviews or blowing your chance due to nerves and lack of preparation?

Slipping into a spiral of frustration where you don’t see any hope of finding your dream job?

Getting calls from recruiters offering you jobs you would never want?

Frustrated with job offers that are beneath the compensation you’ve earned, and know you are worth?

Tired of feeling the Sunday night dread and the Monday morning blues?

I hear you!


And WOW do I get it 


My clients are killing it right now, but many come to me in a state of frustration, anxiety and eroded confidence – especially now! These are surely tough times, but just in the past week I have had the following client successes to report: 

  • A 25K increase to join her dream company (who had previously rejected her)
  • A 25% increase from her last “real” job while underemployed and in the middle of a move
  • A HUGE promotion 3 levels up after thinking there was no way she could grow in her current organization
  • A 25K increase to do the same work for a competitor with infinitely more opportunities for growth and advancement

A few short weeks/months ago all of these ladies thought these results were impossible. They didn’t see their own power.

Unfortunately, when we’re working on our own stuff, we struggle the most, but the best news is – I’ve harnessed a system to help every woman manifest Career Happiness!

I have pulled together the core content modules PLUS the live resume and LinkedIn workshops in one bundle – so you can blitz through it and get on your way to your new career quickly – armed with all the tools, mindset shifts, and practical guidance you need to succeed.


  • Clear the career confusion cobwebs and land exciting job offers!
  • Learn how to create job search content that WOWS the reader!
  • Develop the courage and confidence to go after the jobs that are meant for YOU!
  • Get unstuck and on the path to YOUR ideal career target!
  • Present your very best self in the whole job search process, especially interviewing!
  • Negotiate your worth and earn more money!
  • Find an organization that will foster your growth!
  • Create fun workdays fully aligned with YOUR life’s purpose, skills, interests, and values

Can you imagine experiencing this kind of ease and success in your job search, and finally feeling happy in your work? 


This is your time to shine!

Grab it with both hands!

Your Investment: $47 ONLY $7

That’s it!

One payment and you’ve got immediate, lifetime access to all of the goodies!

Client Ttestimonials

Check out these videos with real Career Happiness Studio members – they have consumed this content and are well on their way to a brighter career future!

What You Will learn and DO!


The 6 Core Content Modules
Value $500


Module 1: Clues

  • quickly examine your past to uncover long buried dreams
  • learn how to connect with and trust your Inner Smart Chick
  • discover and connect to your WHY
  • allow yourself to dream big but in a realistic and actionable way

Module 3: Content

  • design job search materials that attract attention
  • define and create a resume around your ideal target
  • demystify cover letters and use them to your advantage
  • amplify your LinkedIn profile as a job offer magnet
  • optimize your social media platforms for maximum leads

Module 5: Courage

  • overcome the deep seated fears that are holding you back
  • leverage past success to build your confidence 
  • overcome and dispel limiting beliefs
  • venture out of your “uncomfort” zone 

Module 2: Clarity

  • examine your new career ideas through the lens of reality
  • create a crystal-clear vision of your ideal job target
  • identify your gaps and how to fill them
  • give yourself permission to act on your awesome ideas!

Module 4: Communication

  • ace phone screens and get more in person interviews
  • stay positive and radiate confidence and poise in your job search
  • interview like the expert you are and nail the best offers
  • navigate the tricky parts, like follow up and questions and compensation negotiation

Module 6: Community

  • learn how to connect instead of network
  • eliminate toxic connections and find your positive tribe
  • create more meaningful professional relationships
  • tap into the hidden job market and stop applying for every posted job 

And The Juciest Bonuses Ever!

Value: $500

So – for $47 $7 TODAY you get all of these modules and you will be ready to jump right into your effective, strategic job search in a matter of days, not weeks or months!



Do you want to invest in yourself and end the cycle of job search frustration for good?

Let’s get ready to celebrate your successes together!

Please reach out if you have any questions at all! I am here for you –


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To YOUR Career Happiness!