Is it time to decide – are you moving UP, OVER, or OUT of the recruiting world? 

  • Do you want to be a TA Manager or Director?
  • Trying to figure out how to make a lateral move in TA or HR?
  • Ready to completely pivot out of recruiting and into another field?
  • Are other industries looking attractive but hard to break into?
  • Wishing you could start your own side hustle or business to escape the 9 to 5? 

Most career coaching programs are for everyone, and when it comes to career – specializing is more effective, enjoyable, and relatable.

Wouldn’t you love to be a part of a program that is designed for women with your experience, skills, and background?


Are you a burned-out Recruiter who doesn’t see the next step on the career ladder?


Do you dream of moving out of recruiting and making a greater impact?


Are you tired of waiting for a promotion you’re not even sure you want?


Is it overwhelming to sift through all the options and alternatives?


Are you unsure what you’re qualified to do next and how to brand yourself?


I can personally relate to all of those feelings – I have been there and reinvented myself multiple times to increase my career satisfaction, income, and opportunities for greater impact and success. 


There were many things I loved about recruiting, but I had outgrown the path and I knew that I was meant for more. Does that sound familiar?

The truth is:


You can spend many years of frustrating, and sometimes heartbreaking, trial and error to develop the career and life you want, OR you can seek help with a knowledgeable mentor who has been where you are in a community of like-minded women.



You are meant for more, and there are many paths to the same end result. Choice is a beautiful thing, but it is also stressful and confusing. It’s easy to settle for what you have when it’s hard to figure out what you truly want and how to make it happen. 

There is nothing I LOVE more than watching smart, vibrant career women transform into their true selves during our work together:

Carol is a talented career coach and advocate for career minded women. She really helps women get out of their own way with her positive, motivational style. Whether you are ready for a career change, or struggling with your job search, Carol’s expertise can help you change the game!

Laura Kletzian

Sr. Employee Relations Specialist

I did a career coaching series with Carol this past year. She helped identify what I really wanted to do next and create a brand around my unique skill set. She pushed me out of my comfort zone around networking and advocating for myself. I learned some valuable skills that I will continue to use going forward. With Carol’s guidance I was able to see my true value and to strive for greater opportunities. I very much appreciated our time together and would highly recommend her.  

Janna Drake

Chief Financial Officer



You spend so much of your working life helping others to achieve their career goals – isn’t it YOUR turn?

Hi! I’m Carol!


I learned the hard way (my own career path looks like a kindergartner’s finger painting) that you must ditch the false limiting beliefs, expectations, and rules that we (and others) have placed upon us, and go out there and grab our passionate, exciting work lives!

With twenty years of experience in corporate talent acquisition recruiting, training, and coaching, and my own successful career coaching business, Career Happiness Map, I am uniquely qualified to lead my smart, ambitious sisters in creating a career that checks all their boxes and has them jumping out of bed to start the day!

Recruiters have so many valuable skills and I love helping them sort through their options and discover what they were meant for.

Let’s DO this, ladies!

What’s Included

12 recorded modules with deep and meaningful homework!

3 months of group coaching calls to dig into career paths!

A private Facebook group exclusively for you and your CHR sisters!

 All content is recorded and forever available to you – even future upgrades to the program!

Carol is a talented career coach who specializes in coaching women who have a desire to grow personally and professionally. She helped me realize the value of my experience and expertise in my field and challenges me to go outside my comfort zone. I recommend Carol to women who want to maximize their potential!

Amanda Garofalo

Director of Clinical Program Management

Carol is an energetic and motivational coach! Her enthusiasm drew me in right away and I’ve benefited from her Career Happiness coaching sessions and tools. Carol really gets you to connect to and remember your childhood dreams of what you wanted to be when you grew up. The work that she does with you helps you dig deep to discover what it is that you are most passionate about doing in life. She was born to do this work and I have no doubt that she’ll continue helping women realize their Career Happiness path for a long time.

Stefani Crumley

Senior Communications Specialist

Carol is a fantastic career coach! She takes the time to get to know her clients and asks good questions to get at what the client really wants from her/his career. She was available for Zoom sessions with me every week and provided comments to all of my written documents like my resume and cover letters in a timely manner. She was encouraging and also provided good feedback that challenged my views in a constructive way. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a career change or simply a new job. Carol is the best!

Dana Mariani-Lada

Project Manager


Week 1: Courage

Unearth your inner fearless chick and overcome limiting beliefs and outdated rules that are holding you back from pursuing your dream job. Learn how we overcome fear through action.


Week 2: Clues

Dig deeply into the past and present to uncover your true passions, talents, and desires for the next step in your work. Suspend reality for a moment while you dream bigger and higher.

Week 3: Clarity

Synthesize your brilliant ideas and dreams into concrete, actionable goals by running them through the lens of reality and researching what is possible for you – it’s more than you think.

Week 4: Community

Engage with others in the group, as well as your established and newly created networks to further explore your goals and shape your plan – a supportive community is everything!

Week 5: Compass

Now that you know where you’re going, it’s time to chart the course to get there. Program your Career GPS, ladies – we are headed on a fun and rewarding road trip to Success City!

Week 6: Confidence

Carol and your Success Coach will not let you backslide on the path – we will maintain, reinforce and enhance your belief in yourself along the way – your best self is shining by now!

And don’t think we forgot about the job search piece!

As recruiters you are experts in guiding others through the full life cycle of recruiting, but how well do you do it for yourself?

Week 7-12: The 6 Tickets to a Successful Job Search

Enjoy being on the other side of the search, and sit back and let us lead you through:


Week 7: Content

Your resume, LinkedIn profile and other job search assets – branded for YOUR goal!

Week 8: Connection

Networking internally and externally for the next opportunity with ease and genuine connection!


Week 9: Communication

Strategically write cover letters, answer pre-screening questions, and craft persuasive follow up emails.

Week 10: Compensation

Negotiate your worth and ask for what you want!

Week 11: Culture

Evaluate and choose the ideal working environment and company culture for your maximum career satisfaction and success!

Week 12: Cruise

Learn how to excel and adapt to your new role and avoid getting stuck again!

How It Works

This program is a unique combination of online course and group program!

The recordings and materials are available to you for life!

You will receive access to any additional material added to the course forever!

Upon enrolling, you will receive access to my signature Career Happiness Discovery workshop and workbook (designed especially for recruiters!) to get your ideas flowing and your excitement building!

Check your email upon enrolling for next steps!

The Investment

I love sharing this part because I truly believe that investing in ourselves is magical and life changing.

We spend on vacations, home improvements, new cars, the latest designer handbags, and fancy coffees, wine, and bakery cupcakes!

I too LOVE all those things BUT your career finances and serves as the foundation for your life, and all of its fun, fulfillment and freedom!


All of this transformative life changing goodness is available for only $1497! 

And even better – we offer payment plans and the option to use PayPal credit’s 6 month no interest financing for qualified buyers!

I know how you may be feeling – it can be overwhelming to make big, bold changes!

I encourage you to examine where you are and if it doesn’t feel good to you anymore (or perhaps it never did!), take the leap and do something about it.

I invite you to sign up for this program intentionally, and with an open mind.

I want you to love your career and your life, and I want you to have the benefit of consistent, knowledgeable support and guidance over a period of time.

The Career Happiness Recruiter program is strategic, fun, and engaging.

And it’s waiting for you to say YES!

Please reach out to me directly at if you have questions, or if you would like to discuss your unique career situation with one of our Enrollment Coaches.

Our entire team is ready to serve and support you on the road to YOUR Career Happiness!

All my best wishes for your success!


Carol has a full understanding of what many of us go through with our careers as she has lived it herself. She is very intelligent, strong, caring and nonjudgmental. She works WITH you in figuring out your career happiness (she doesn’t do it for you!) and is very easy to talk with. She guides you and helps you drill down as far as you need to assist you in moving forward with whatever decision you make. In addition, Carol is a great speaker and writer. If you are looking for a Career Coach or a speaker at your event, you should definitely reach out to Carol.

Donna Donavant


I have never felt that I needed a career coach during my 20 year career. I always just wrote this off as something I should be able to do myself. Carol found me, and I’m SO glad she did! Carol provides insightful resources, real-time advice, a different perspective, and an abundance of resources. I was astounded at how much effort she puts into everything she does, and her clients’ successes prove it! I’ve gotten more job interviews in the past few weeks than I’ve had in the last year of job searching, and I owe this to Carol. I will continue to use her as a resource well after I obtain a job as a resource for continually building my career. I recommend Carol to anyone who is struggling with the job hunt process, trying to figure out a career shift, or even in a job they love already and just wishes to grow their career even more. Carol is so open, friendly, communicative, and brilliant at what she does!

Tracy Gibson

Marketing Manager

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