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The ultimate membership community for smart chicks ready to design their dream careers and thrive in the new normal!

Craving community right now?

Guidance and support?

How about a career prosperity rescue – CPR for your work life?

Let’s breathe new life into your career!

Can you imagine getting interviews with your dream employers and receiving your ideal job offers? All with ease and confidence?

I know that sounds amazing, but I imagine after trying the job search process on your own – perhaps multiple times – you’re tired of applying into a seemingly black hole and all you hear is crickets when you listen for job offers…

You may be starting to wonder if you should just stay stuck in a job/company/career you don’t want, rather than put yourself out there again in a sea of confusion, frustration and spinning in circles!

(Hint…the answer is no, you don’t want that!)

Are you…

Freaking out over the current world situation and wondering what this means for your career?

Sick of sending out resumes with no replies or computer-generated form emails rejecting you with no explanation?

Going on interviews where you obviously don’t fit the job and you’re having an existential crisis wondering how you got there?

Frustrated with job offers that are beneath the compensation you’ve earned, and know you are worth?

Slipping into a spiral of frustration where you don’t see any hope of finding your dream job?

Tired of feeling the Sunday night dread and the Monday morning blues?

I hear you!


And WOW do I get it 

I’ve been in your shoes many times over, stuck in jobs I hated and feeling like there was no good way out – and I was even in the recruiting field! Unfortunately, when we’re working on our own stuff, we struggle the most. But I did the hard work and figured out how my career path unfolded to lead me to MY dream career, and I’ve harnessed that system to help every woman manifest Career Happiness!

The best news – I am ready to SHARE!


Hi! I’m Carol!


My purpose as your Career Transformation Coach is to lead YOU to that “ah-ha” moment, and effectively implement the steps required to fulfill YOUR carefully crafted career goals. 

I know you’re impatient.

Feeling stuck in the wrong career is confusing and can even be painful. I know, I’ve been there! You desperately want to hit the reset button, but your responsibilities are too great to just jump ship. And where would you jump to anyway?

I have lived through this dilemma on my own career path, and I’ve learned that no matter how smart and focused you are, going it alone is tough. You waste precious time and money, and in some cases, you sacrifice your health and well-being due to the stress of indecision and fear of failure.

Having an experienced, supportive, and motivational partner at every stage of your career is the best way to optimize your skills, experience, and education to craft a career that makes you want to leap out of bed in the morning to get started. 

Treating yourself to supportive and skilled career coaching is a gift to yourself, but it’s also a time and money saver in the long run. And if you’re a dedicated partner in the process, the long run may be a lot shorter than you imagined.

I wish I had a “me” twenty or thirty years ago.  However, because I didn’t, I learned many things the hard way, so now you don’t have to! My years of corporate recruiting and coaching experience, coupled with the wisdom gained from many mistakes and false starts, have prepared me well to help others to do better in less time, and with excellent results.

So, you have a “me.”  And I can’t wait to meet “you.” 😊

Let’s DO this, ladies!

I synthesized all I’ve learned about job seeking from my corporate/agency recruiting career, my master’s degree in career development and my career coaching certification, and I have created my own system that has helped women:


  • Clear the career confusion cobwebs and land exciting job offers!
  • Learn how to create job search content the WOWS the reader!
  • Develop the courage and confidence to go after the jobs that are meant for them!
  • Get unstuck and on the path to their ideal career targets!
  • Present their very best selves in the whole job search process, especially interviewing!
  • Negotiate their worth and earn more money!
  • Find an organization that will foster their growth!
  • Create fun workdays fully aligned with their life’s purpose, skills, interests, and values!

Can you imagine experiencing this kind of ease and success in your job search, and finally feeling happy in your work?




This is your time to shine!

Grab it with both hands!

Your Investment:

Here’s the BEST news!

Join as a new member and pay just $15 per month OR $150 for a full year of learning, growth, and support! (Get 2 months FREE with paid in full yearly membership).

And even BETTER – join now and this will be your price for life! As the content grows and the community develops the price will definitely increase, BUT NOT FOR YOU!!

Partnering with Carol to strategically plan your career, uncover your next career opportunity and/or make the most of the role you have is the RIGHT DECISION. Carol is not just a career coach, but a career partner. She helps you gain clarity around your objects, gain confidence during and beyond your job search and support you as you transition into your new role. She is invested in your success and truly cares. Job searching is draining and can eat away at your confidence, making it hard to present your best self when opportunities do arise. Be proactive and work with Carol, so you are always present and on top of your game through any ups and downs in your career.

Elizabeth C.

Introducing Carol’s Career Happiness Studio

What You Will learn and DO!

We will begin our journey together with a deep dive into the core content, designed to help you move the needle quickly on YOUR most pressing career concerns.

The 4 Pillars of Career Prosperity


Module 1: Clues

  • quickly examine your past to uncover long buried dreams
  • learn how to connect with and trust your Inner Smart Chick
  • discover and connect to your WHY
  • allow yourself to dream big but in a realistic and actionable way

Module 3: Content

  • design job search materials that attract attention
  • define and create a resume around your ideal target
  • demystify cover letters and use them to your advantage
  • amplify your LinkedIn profile as a job offer magnet
  • optimize your social media platforms for maximum leads

Module 2: Clarity

  • examine your new career ideas through the lens of reality
  • create a crystal-clear vision of your ideal job target
  • identify your gaps and how to fill them
  • give yourself permission to act on your awesome ideas!

Module 4: Communication

  • ace phone screens and get more in person interviews
  • stay positive and radiate confidence and poise in your job search
  • interview like the expert you are and nail the best offers
  • navigate the tricky parts, like follow up and questions and compensation negotiation

Once you master the core content, you will be ready for MORE! And there is so much more – and it’s all available from DAY 1!  I know you are all starting at different places on your career journey, and I’ve got you covered, no matter what your needs! We will continue to support your growth in the main job search areas while adding new relevant, juicy topics every month!  

Read on for more details on all the support and guidance you will receive!

Carol is amazing to work with. She listens intently and has wonderful ideas to help you find what truly speaks to you in your career. Her journaling prompts are so helpful and it’s been such a fun experience working with her. A truly incredible experience.

Kiley S.

Carol brought fun and focus to a stressful task that I had been putting off for far too long. She asked the right questions, giving me insight and a fresh perspective as to my strengths, and helped me see the forest instead of being paralyzed by hundreds of trees. I wholeheartedly recommend Carol to anybody in need of career change guidance!

Dawn T.

What’s Included

Recorded core content modules with workbooks!

​LIVE group coaching calls (will always be recorded). Q&A PLUS opportunities for live 1:1 coaching in the HOT SEAT!

Monthly career development topics designed to make you a proactive, career management diva! Recorded modules PLUS workbook!

LIVE weekly lectures on popular career related books

A private Facebook group exclusively for Career Happiness Studio members!

Facebook LIVES in the FB group and the opportunity to ask me questions during Q&A office hours!

Small group attention and real interaction with me and the community members!

Weekly virtual co-working sessions (via Zoom) to provide community, support and accountability

So – for $35 $15 TODAY you can get started on a lifetime of managing your career with ease!


I invite you to invest in yourself and end the cycle of job search frustration and join me on the path to Career Happiness for good!

And psst…as a NEW MEMBER you will have a voice in shaping an intentional, united, and powerful community of amazing women!

Your Investment:

$35 $15 per month (cancel anytime!)


$350 $150 per year (get 2 months free!)

I know how you might be feeling after reading all of that…

It’s hard for many of us to invest in ourselves, but we wouldn’t think twice about spending the money on others. I’ve been there myself – if one of the kids or my husband or the dogs want something (the dogs don’t actually ask – I just figure it out!), I’m all “how can I help” and “of course honey” and “that sounds like it will be great for you – here’s my money”.

But I have now invested a lot in my business and myself, and the rewards have been astronomical. I was scared but I would do it again and again to have the life I have now.

I want that for you, and for all women!

Are you ready to cross over to the sunny side of loving your work every day?

I’m here for you!! This is MY life’s work and I take it very seriously!

I leave you with a few more testimonials and a photo of my family – everything I do for myself enhances their lives, too!

Please reach out if you have any questions at all! I am here for you –

Let’s get ready to celebrate your successes together!

What I enjoyed most about my coaching experience was Carol’s non-judgmental attitude, and openness to my honest and candid communication. Plus, her humor and energy bring a fun approach to stressful self-examination.

Jennifer M.

I’ve felt so very lost for a while now. I didn’t even know where to start. With Carol’s help, I have learned to expand my horizons, and look beyond what seems like the “only” possible career path for my skill sets. There are many, many things I can do! I would definitely recommend Carol.

Laura H.