Feeling stuck in a career you no longer enjoy?

Dread going to work each day because you’re no longer satisfied with the career you thought you wanted?

You are not alone; I can guarantee that.

That’s why I would like to officially invite you to watch my FREE on-demand workshop that will help unlock the door to your limitless career. 

After you participate in this workshop, you will…

✔️ Understand the reasons professional women become stuck in the wrong career, and how you can break free from unfulfilling work.

✔️ Learn how to use journaling prompts to explore the 4 C’s of the Career Happiness Discovery process.

✔️ Walk away with at least one actionable step to begin your own career happiness exploration. 

After all, work CAN and SHOULD be fun, and through a combination of introspective and actionable exercises, anyone can turn the car around and design a new and exciting map to a happy career. 

It’s never too late, and the best time to start is NOW!

Hello! I’m Carol!

Carol Maloney-Scott
Owner and Founder of Career Happiness Map Coaching


 Years ago, I was where you are now, no longer happy with my job and growing more and more frustrated with my career and knew I needed something else.

With twenty years of experience in corporate talent acquisition, training, and coaching, and my own successful career coaching business, Career Happiness Map, I am uniquely qualified to lead my smart, ambitious sisters in realizing their career dreams and navigating their work lives with more ease and success!

Working with women to elevate their achievements is the embodiment of my career passion, and my greatest professional accomplishment – your success is my success!

“The distance between dreams and reality is called ACTION.”

Take the first step now.

Still not sure if this is for you?

❓ Is your career no longer satisfying…or maybe it never was?

❓ Are you feeling stuck in an endless cycle of career confusion?

❓ Do new choices seem to lead you further away from career happiness?

❓ Does it all feel overwhelming to fix but you are close to burnout?

❓ Does it seem like it’s too late to make a change?

❓ Are you too busy working IN your career to work ON it?

❓ Are you suffering in silence without a supportive, confidential career partner or community? 

The Discover Your Career Happiness FREE on-demand workshop seeks to help professional women, just like you, who feel stuck in the wrong career to create a path to their ideal work. 

So, get ready to break the cycle of job-related frustration, design your ideal work, and claim your career happiness!   

Reserve your spot and I’ll see you in the workshop soon!

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