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Who is Carol Maloney Scott? 

Carol Maloney-Scott is the Career Happiness Accelerator, and a fun, practical guide on your journey to fulfilling and rewarding work.

With twenty years of experience in corporate talent acquisition recruiting, training, and coaching, she is uniquely qualified to lead others in designing the Career Happiness Map of their dreams and living it into reality. 

In addition, she holds a master’s degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University, and is a Certified Career Coach (CCC) with the Career Coach Institute.

She lives in the cool and historic town of Richmond, VA with her husband and their little doggies, the Wiener Wonder Twins. In her spare time, she misses her son and stepdaughter, but she has (mostly) adjusted to the empty nest.

She is dedicated to living HER career happiness, which is helping you to discover YOURS.


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