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The ultimate learning and mentorship program for smart recruiting and human resources professionals ready to leverage their talents to launch a fun, fulfilling, and financially free coaching business!

Are you a burned-out recruiter or human resources professional?

Frustrated with a lack of respect and appreciation for your vital organizational contributions?

Would you love to be an agent of the job seeker/employee instead of the corporation?

Do you yearn for more freedom and flexibility in your schedule and earnings potential?

Can you imagine the career satisfaction that comes from guiding others to receiving their ideal job offers with dream employers? With unlimited earnings potential and a flexible lifestyle for you? 

I know that sounds amazing, and you may have entrepreneurial dreams, but you’re not sure how they translate into a concrete business idea.

Perhaps you’ve dipped your toes in the career coaching water by helping friends, family, and colleagues with their resumes and interviewing preparation.

You know you have so much to offer in this space, right? But how do you begin to monetize your talents for a bigger impact?

You may be starting to wonder if you should just stay stuck in a job/company/career you don’t want, rather than enter the seemingly riskier world of business!

(Hint…I think we all know how that “secure job” thing has worked out for so many people!)

Are you…

Yearning for more influence over your own working life?

The go-to person in all your circles for all things career-related?

Not sure if you even want to advance your career in recruiting or human resources?

Trying to avoid another expensive, time consuming degree to pivot into a more rewarding career?

Daydreaming about being your own boss and bringing YOUR ideas to life with excited clients?

Longing to serve a population that is near and dear to your own experiences?

I hear you!


And WOW do I get it 


I spent many years working in agency and corporate talent acquisition with much success, but little fulfillment. I felt stuck in jobs I disliked or even hated, tied down to the mentality of a secure paycheck and perceived stability. I felt like there was no good way out!

Unfortunately, when we’re working on our own stuff, we struggle the most. But I did the hard work and figured out how my career path unfolded to lead me to MY dream career, and I’ve created a framework for working with career coaching clients that is easy to learn and implement, and provides amazing results!

The best news – I am ready to SHARE and teach you how to step into this exciting world!

Hi! I’m Carol!

I learned the hard way (my own career path looks like a kindergartner’s finger painting) that you must ditch the false limiting beliefs, expectations, and rules that we (and others) have placed upon us, and go out there and grab our passionate, exciting work lives!

With twenty years of experience in corporate talent acquisition recruiting, training, and coaching, and my own successful career coaching business, Career Happiness Map, I am uniquely qualified to lead my smart, ambitious sisters in creating a side hustle or full time business that utilizes their gifts, experience and talents, allowing them to live a life of freedom and flexibility.

In addition, I hold a master’s degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University, and I have combined my formal education with my hands-on expertise to design an effective certification program.

As a Certified Career Happiness Coach (CCHC), you will grow and expand your natural talents so that in no time you won’t even recognize the confident, accomplished business owner you have become!

Let’s DO this, ladies!

Can you imagine experiencing this kind of satisfaction in your career, knowing you are having a huge positive impact on people’s livelihoods?


Here’s the BEST news!

Enroll in the Certified Career Happiness Coach training program and pay just $3000, $600 per month for 6 months, OR $300 per month for 12 months, and be ready to launch your own successful career coaching biz in a matter of months!

And even BETTER – there are early action bonuses you won’t want to miss!

Client Testimonials


Carol reached out to me in late 2020, at what seemed like the perfect time. Her message was brief and it piqued my interest to learn more about the coaching program she was offering. I replied to her message and we scheduled some time to discuss her program. I really only needed a few minutes of speaking with her to realize that she understood exactly how I was feeling at that point in my career, because she had been there in the past as well. It didn’t take me long to decide that I wanted to enroll in her Certified Career Happiness Coach program. The course started in January 2021 and just ended in June 2021. Her program was well put together. Carol’s personality makes the entire program and interaction during class very enjoyable, and most importantly for me, she is very easy to learn from. The way she teaches is very relatable and simple to understand. I graduated from the course feeling well prepared and educated to offer career coaching services in the future. The one aspect that I didn’t expect to gain from Carol’s program was insight into my own career and a lot of self-reflection. It was such an enlightening experience for me over the course of 6 months that I was able to build the courage to make some much needed shifts in my career, all of which I likely would not have done at that time, if it hadn’t been for Carol and this program. With all of that said, I highly recommend Carol for coaching services and/or her Certified Career Happiness Coach program. You won’t be disappointed.
Erica Miller

TA Program Manager & Certified Career Happiness Coach

I was fortunate enough to be a part of Carol’s inaugural Career Happiness Mapping coaching program and can honestly say it provided me with the resources, and more importantly, the confidence I needed to pursue career coaching. Carol’s comprehensive approach covers everything from coaching best practices to starting your own business and is truly designed to prepare graduates with everything they need to start their own coaching journey. I highly recommend this program for any HR or Recruiting professional interested in pursuing career coaching!
Elyssa Feliciano

Talent Acquisition & Career Coach

Carol is a great career coach and business development mentor. Whether you are looking to grow within your current organization or field, or looking to make a career change, Carol will inspire you and move you into action. She is relatable, knowledgeable, energetic, fun and focused. Her own journey is an absolute example of making dreams come true.
Joyce Lewis

Talent Acquisition Professional

Introducing Carol’s Certified Career Happiness Coach Program!

Recession Proof Your Career for the New Normal & Be Your Own Boss!

 The premiere certification program for aspiring career coaches who want to make a huge impact, live a life of freedom, and earn unlimited income!


Client Testimonials


Highly recommend Carol as a coach for career coaches! Delivers both a personal experience and interactive group experience while referencing a lot of experience in the space.

Savannah Scayler

I am so happy I joined Carol’s class and am on my career coaching journey! Carol is an amazing teacher, she provided us with all the tools we need to succeed as coaches and is always there for additional support when needed. She is always honest and pushes her students past any fear and doubts about starting a new business with an open heart, which is exactly what I needed. I am very grateful to Carol for reaching out to me about her program and can’t wait to see where my path leads me, knowing Carol will be there to guide me along the way.

Riya Tocci

Recruitment Manager at Wilson Elser

I am so happy I decided to take a chance and take that first initial call with Carol! I had always thought about doing something with career coaching. The part I have always loved about recruiting was finding people the right fit job and helping them grow in their career. After our initial call, I knew her program was just what I needed to get motivated and get going. I completed the career coaching program in June and have already had 2 paying clients which have more than paid for my initial investment. I am excited to continue with her participating in the business building sessions. Carol has been very supportive and available to answer any questions along the way.

Jenny Harris

Carol puts together a great program for anyone in HR or Recruitment who wants to move into becoming a career coach and starting their own business. Carol’s program goes through everything from coaching to developing your program and starting your own business. This is flexible, interactive program and each class is recorded so you are able to rewatch a class or all of them as you start your program. Additionally you are still involved in the groups and are able to stay connected after the program is done as real time questions arise.

Victoria Majcher

Technical Recruiter at Codeacademy

What’s Included

12 recorded coaching skills training sessions (forever available)!

8 recorded business building sessions to support your business launch (recorded and forever available)!

Weekly workbooks and readings designed to motivate, instruct, and inspire you to success!

A private Facebook group exclusively for CCHC students!

The opportunity to attract your new clients in your very own business playground, my free FB group, Smart Chicks Career Club!

  I want you to have ALL the tools to crush it in your new business! 

For as little as $300 TODAY you can secure your spot and set yourself up for a new side hustle or full-time business, on your terms!

The above offerings are worth THOUSANDS of dollars!


Special Bonus!

Over 35 additional training videos on coaching skills and business-building topics to deepen the learning!


 My 6 Tickets to a Successful Job Search


 A Kickoff Workshop to help you manage your time and life to succeed!


Your Investment

Choose the Full Pay option with PayPal credit and you may qualify for no payments + no interest for 6 months!

Pay for your program with your first client


I know how you might be feeling after reading all of that…

It’s hard for many of us to invest in ourselves, but we wouldn’t think twice about spending the money on others. I’ve been there myself – if one of the kids or my husband or the dogs want something (the dogs don’t actually ask – I just figure it out!), I’m all “how can I help” and “of course, honey” and “that sounds like it will be great for you – here’s my money”. 

But I have now invested a lot in my business and myself, and the rewards have been astronomical. I was scared but I would do it again and again to have the life I have now. 

There is a tremendous need for career coaching services in all niches, and it’s an amazing opportunity for you to shine, and serve at the level you were born for! 

I want that for you, and for everyone! 

Are you ready to cross over to the sunny side of loving your work every day? 

I’m here for you!! This is MY life’s work and I take it very seriously! 

I leave you with a few more testimonials and a photo of my family – everything I do for myself enhances their lives, too! I can’t wait for that group to sit together on that couch again! 

Also, fun fact – the kids are my earliest career coaching success stories. 😊 

Please reach out if you have any questions at all! I am here for you – carol@careerhappinessmap.com

Let’s get ready to transform lives!!

If you have a dream and aren’t sure how to make it a reality, I absolutely recommend contacting Carol. She is friendly, passionate about helping others, and will help you get out of your own way!!

Betty Brumbaugh

Carol is amazing at what she does! She goes beyond what you’d expect from someone you’d go to for career advice. Carol coaches you through what you actually want and helps you get there. She also will tell you how it is! I highly recommend, Carol!

Francesca Woltanksi

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