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The ultimate career development program for executive women ready to design their ideal work, expand their influence, and conquer their career goals.    

Save over $500 on your investment for a limited time! Plus, special PayPal no interest financing option!

Does any of this sound familiar? 


  • Yearning for more influence over your own working life?
  • Wishing you could be more effective in your leadership role?
  • Not sure where you want to take your career next?
  • Lacking the internal leadership in your company to elevate your career?
  • Pressed for time and seeking focused, actionable career solutions?
  • Feeling like the view from the top isn’t as satisfying as you once imagined?
  • Tired of your organization’s goals dictating your career path?
  • Suffering in silence without a supportive, confidential career partner or community?

You are in good company! 

Even though it’s not a club we necessarily want to belong to, I can assure you that there are MANY women in your shoes. Every day I talk to smart, savvy, educated, and extremely accomplished women – the sharpest of sharp cookies!

And an unfortunate common denominator is their lack of satisfaction with their current work lives and/or an uncertainty about where to steer their career, especially after taking some time to pause and reflect on their lives in 2020.

Throw in some imposter syndrome, overwhelm, workplace change, and a dash of isolation and you’ve got a recipe for career UNhappiness.

It does NOT have to be this way!

The best news – NOW you can join a “club” where you and your fellow “sharp cookies” can FOCUS on what matters and receive all the support and guidance you need to crush your career goals in 2021 – even the ones you don’t know you have yet!

Those are usually the most exciting ones!

I synthesized all I’ve learned about career and leadership development from my corporate training and coaching career, my master’s degree in career development, and my career coaching business, and I have created my own system that has helped women: 


  • Clear the career confusion cobwebs!
  • Reinvent themselves at all career stages!
  • Blow past limiting beliefs keeping them stuck!
  • Crush imposter syndrome and embrace their worth!
  • Elevate their personal and professional leadership skills!
  • Negotiate their worth and earn more money!
  • Find opportunities that will foster their growth!
  • Create fun workdays fully aligned with their life’s purpose, skills, interests, and values!


Hi! I’m Carol!


Working with women to elevate their achievements is the embodiment of my career passion, and my greatest professional accomplishment – your success is my success! 

With twenty years of experience in corporate talent acquisition, training, and coaching, and my own successful career coaching business, Career Happiness Map, I am uniquely qualified to lead my smart, ambitious sisters in realizing their career dreams and navigating their work lives with more ease and success! 

In addition, I hold a master’s degree in Career Development from John F. Kennedy University, and I am a Certified Career Coach (CCC) with the Career Coach Institute. 

As a member of the Career Elevation Collective (CEC), you will grow and expand your professional life with an emphasis on YOUR unique career fulfillment – with the help of your fellow “smart cookies” and an enthusiastic, knowledgeable guide committed to your success! 

Let’s DO this, ladies!

Can you imagine experiencing this kind of satisfaction in your work, with all the consistent support and guidance you need to move to the next exciting phase of your unique career?


This is your time to shine!

You’re invited to CLAIM your career happiness!

Your Investment:

Enroll in the Career Elevation Collective and pay just $3000, OR $599 per month for 6 months, and set yourself up for a new level of career success in 2021!

And an even more affordable option – use PayPal financing and split your payments up with ZERO interest for qualified buyers.

And for the most exciting part  – there are early action bonuses you won’t want to miss!

Carol is a talented career coach who specializes in coaching women who have a desire to grow personally and professionally. She helped me realize the value of my experience and expertise in my field and challenges me to go outside my comfort zone. I recommend Carol to women who want to maximize their potential!

Amanda Garofalo

Director, Clinical Operations

Introducing Carol’s Career Elevation Collective!

Are you ready to “elevate” your career to new heights?

 The premiere group/1:1 career and leadership development program for women who want to increase their impact, effectiveness, and career happiness!


I am happy to recommend Carol as a career coach! Like so many others, Carol found me. I’m so happy she did because my one-on-one time with her along with the time I spent participating in her Career Happiness Studio have were invaluable. Her passion, energy and drive to empower women to find career happiness is infectious. I left every encounter feeling like “Yes, I can!” In addition to drawing on her own life experiences to give honest, practical and insightful guidance, she also creates a collaborative environment for women to draw on each other’s experiences as well. I highly encourage anyone struggling to find their next opportunity or at a career crossroads to reach out to Carol!
Nancy Robinson

Senior Vice President, Director, Treasury Management

What’s Included

6 LIVE monthly small group coaching sessions (recorded and forever available)!

12 1:1 private coaching sessions led by me, but driven by YOU!

Live ADDITIONAL group coaching calls twice per month to address your career issues in REAL TIME!

A private LinkedIn group exclusively for CEC members!

Small group attention (spaces are limited to 10 members per cohort!)

For as little as $599 TODAY (or less with PayPal credit) you can secure your spot and invest in your limitless career and leadership potential!

Even though the above offerings are worth many THOUSANDS of dollars, I love to reward decisive, fast action takers…

therefore I am offering the following BONUSES!

Bonus #1

A wrap up virtual retreat to create your Career Happiness Map and begin implementing your new goals!


I am SUPER serious about your success!


Bonus #2

12 DIY videos and workbooks on my 6 tickets to Career Happiness Discovery and my 6 tickets to Career Happiness Navigation!

Figure out where you’re going and how to get there, all from the comfort of your laptop, on your schedule!

I want you to have ALL the tools you need!


I invite you to invest in yourself and join me and other smart, accomplished women on the exciting path of self-discovery and career fulfillment – for good!


Your Investment

Save over $500 on your investment for a limited time! Plus, special PayPal no interest financing option!

I know how you might be feeling after reading all of that…

It’s hard for many of us to invest in ourselves, but we wouldn’t think twice about spending the money on others. I’ve been there myself – if one of the kids or my husband or the dogs want something (the dogs don’t actually ask – I just figure it out!), I’m all “how can I help” and “of course, honey” and “that sounds like it will be great for you – here’s my money”.

But I have now invested a lot in my business and myself, and the rewards have been astronomical. I was scared but I would do it again and again to have the life I have now.

Tremendous growth and change can occur when we give ourselves the gift of focused attention on what matters. 

It’s an immediate opportunity for you to shine and maximize your amazing potential!

I want that for you, and for everyone! 

Are you ready to cross over to the sunny side of loving your work every day? 

I’m here for you!! This is MY life’s work and I take it very seriously! 

I leave you with another testimonial and a photo of my family – everything I do for myself enhances their lives, too!  

Also, fun fact – the kids are my earliest career coaching success stories. 😊 

Please reach out if you have any questions at all! I am here for you – 

Let’s get ready to transform your life!

Carol is a fantastic career coach! She takes the time to get to know her clients and asks good questions to get at what the client really wants from her/his career. She was encouraging and also provided good feedback that challenged my views in a constructive way. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a career change or simply a new job. Carol is the best!

Dana Mariani-Lada

Training & Facilitation Consultant

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