Every day I talk to people who say things like:

😱 There are no jobs.

😱 I’m lucky to have this job I hate.

😱 I can’t change jobs now – it’s too scary.

😱 No one is hiring in a pandemic.

😱 I give up on my career.


And no, that is not some rah rah, positive thinking hype.

None of the above statements are true or helpful.

And what is more upsetting to me is that the people who make these assertions and state them as fact have not tested these “truths” at all.

They just see global panic and big unemployment numbers and the general malaise and assume it’s over for all of us.

It does feel like we have been in this situation for a long time, and at times it is scary, but we are all in this together.

Literally. All humans on the planet.

As a collective energy and intelligence we can figure this out and get past this crisis! And we will!

You will not know if you can find a new job, get a promotion, change career fields, start a business or side hustle, or make your current job better if you don’t TRY!

And trying does not mean “I looked at jobs on Indeed for ten minutes and they all sucked and then I cried and ate a gallon of ice cream.”

You are smarter and more resilient than that. I see you – because I am you! I’ve been in the depths of career despair several times over and I got out.

You can, too.

There will always be obstacles. But don’t give them more power and life than they deserve.

So let’s flip the switch on the negative, uninformed thinking:

🤩 There are jobs available and mine is waiting for me!

🤩 It’s time to ditch this job I hate – I am worth more!

🤩 This is the perfect time to change jobs!

🤩 Companies are hiring and looking for people like me!

🤩 I will CLAIM my career happiness!

Complacency and doubt will get you nowhere.

What will move the needle?

Inspired action, an open mind, knowledgeable support, and HOPE!

Name what you want and go for it.

It never hurts to believe in something, and that positive attitude just might be the thing that makes you more attractive than the others who are wallowing in despair before they even make an effort.

What is one action you could take today to work on your dream career?

Just one.

Once you get the ball rolling it will keep rolling. That’s what they are designed to do.

Let’s roll!

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