Hey, everybody out there in social distancing land!

Do you ever wonder who invents these terms?

I have been silent for awhile now – and for anyone who knows me well, that’s pretty amazing.

I’ve been struggling with how I want to approach life and business in the new normal because I feel compelled to be of supreme value, and not to just add to the noise or appear to use the crisis to my advantage.

However, as a person who was drawn into my business to serve others, I need to do just that – serve others the best way I know how – with my words, support and guidance.

Even though this is a terrible situation on SO many fronts, I always try to go inward at times like this and search for the positive messages, the potential for betterment, and the never ending hope for all of humanity to learn from our experiences.

What changes might outlast this crisis and improve something in our daily lives?

As a career coach, I wonder how this time of remote work, financial instability, and lifestyle adjustments will impact the way we work – not only in the US, but in the global economy.

What lessons will we learn?

What new patterns and priorities will emerge?

Who will be the new leaders who will rise to the occasion to creatively propose and implement change?

Maybe you’ll be one of them – you don’t have to be royalty, wealthy, or in political office to affect change. You don’t even have to manage people to be a leader.

You just need an open mind and heart, and the willingness to tap into your unique gifts and talents to contribute to the greater good.

We can emerge stronger from this disastrous situation.

Individually and collectively.

When talk of war comes up, I’ve heard people say – “If aliens invaded Earth, we’d all be on the same side.”

Well guess what? Here we are. The virus is like an alien – we don’t know enough about it to stop it just yet, but we are united in the cause to protect ourselves and figure it all out.

I also hear a lot of people referring to now as a “time of uncertainty.”

I think we are delusional if we think there ever was, or will ever be, a time of “certainty”.

It’s just that the catalyst for disruption doesn’t always have a name. It hasn’t always shown itself.

But now it does have a name, and it’s showing us that we can defeat it together.

I know this is a very stressful time for everyone’s careers – so for me to post about people who are unhappy in their careers (and how I can help) seems inauthentic.

However, I AM here to help and I do truly believe that being proactive instead of reactive is the way to come out on top in your career at any time – and we need each other in online community more than ever for support and guidance.

Please message me below or shoot me a PM if you’d like to chat about the many opportunities I can offer to help you position yourself for success in the new normal.

Love to all!

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