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*from a seasoned recruiter’s perspective

What if you could walk into any interview and feel confident, prepared, and in control?

Interviewing is one of life’s very important, but somewhat daunting, realities for most of us, and having the guidance, tips, and inside scoop to success can make a huge difference in separating yourself from the pack of people who are vying for the same jobs!

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to confidently answer questions – and better yet – ASK the right questions so that the interview turns into a conversation on a two-way street – instead of an interrogation at the end of a cul-de-sac?

I know it seems SOOO overwhelming and unpleasant to even think about sitting across from someone who has so much power over your life, BUT what if you could take back that power and sell your best self, while assessing the overall fit between you and the organization?

You are interviewing them, too!

Stop feeling desperate and reach out for the help you need to conquer interviewing skills and land the job you want and deserve!

3 Interviewing Secrets to Land Remarkable Job Offers is written from a recruiter’s perspective – I have over twenty years of experience interviewing candidates, training managers to conduct interviews, and debriefing with leaders on the aftermath of these conversations.

After you’ve read about a million interview evaluations, you truly know what to say, and not to say, in order to connect with the right opportunities and secure enticing job offers.

Get ready to peek inside the talent acquisition department curtain and learn how to ace your interviews and find a career you love!

No matter what has happened in the past, interviewing is a skill that you can learn and develop with the right support.

Career Happiness Map Coaching is a systematic, contemplative and TRANSFORMATIVE career development process for women who feel stuck and frustrated in the wrong career. We offer an array of career coaching services to help you align with the work you were born to do!

Let’s make YOUR work days FUN!

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