“Launch YOUR Career Coaching Biz”

Career coaching is a fun, fulfilling and financially free business model – and the good news is that all you need to get started are coaching skills, program content, and business building basics!

If that still sounds like a bit much, no worries.

I’ve been where you are, wanting to start my career coaching business and escape the corporate world – but having zero clues as to how to do it.

I’ve pulled it all together in a FREE workshop that will get you excited about your passions, hone in on your best skills, and help you run it all through the lens of market reality.

And actually get STARTED!

Objects in motion stay in motion (that’s all I learned in physics class – hahaha)

Join me and other like-minded women as we demystify the path to moving from Recruiter to Career Coach!

Feeling stuck in a career you no longer enjoy?

Dread going to work each day because you’re no longer satisfied with the career you thought you wanted?


The Discover Your Career Happiness FREE on-demand workshop seeks to help professional women, just like you, who feel stuck in the wrong career to create a path to their ideal work.


So, get ready to break the cycle of job-related frustration, design your ideal work, and claim your career happiness!

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