Just how “comfortable” is it in your comfort zone?

Is it loaded to the brim with puppies/kittens, coffee/wine, cozy blankets, a warm fire, endless praise and fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment and the joy that comes from doing the work you love to do?

See what I did there? šŸ˜œ

I would be willing to bet that your comfort zone is actually quite uncomfortable.

If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be reading about career development, complaining to anyone who will listen about your job, dreading Mondays, fighting that knot in your stomach that is trying to tell you that you are meant for more, you can do better…and you need to haul your butt out of your “Un-comfort Zone” and take some risks.

I’m not suggesting you take up a dangerous hobby that will almost certainly plunge you into injury, financial ruin, or an anxiety-ridden freak out!

One step at a time!

Today I invite you to envision what your life would feel like if your comfort zone was truly comfortable, and you weren’t lying to yourself to prevent your smart inner guide from coming out to play and leading you into new and exciting places.

It starts with play – not BIG SCARY HARD WORK!! Yes, career transformation will require work and dedication, but start with the FUN part. The exploration, the dreaming – but do it in a STRATEGIC way.

Yes, I know I always say work can be fun, and now I am saying that strategy can also be fun.

I’m turning fun on its head over here – but stay with me.

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I promise you that your comfort zone will look like a dirty shack in the woods with spiders and no running water, when you compare it to the life you can step into. šŸ¤©

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