I earned my master’s degree in Career Development in 2010. At the time I was a single mother of a teenager with debt, an expensive house, a car payment, and a lot of fear and doubt.

I saw no path in the near future that would lead me to the exciting world of career coaching, where I knew my passion and talents would be fully realized.

As my son grew into a man, and I married a new man and moved into his home, things started to shift for me. I felt freedom and options opening up.

Writing fiction created a tremendous confidence boost, as did singing karaoke in public, and things like traveling to Chicago alone to visit my son.

Slowly I started to feel what it would be like to quit my corporate job and start my own business.

At first, it seemed like something far off – I would do it when I retired.

Then I said it would happen when my husband retired (he’s 5 years older).

I kept moving up the timeline in my head as my desire and confidence swelled.

I started to imagine myself serving clients, creating programs, and writing this book!

In January 2019 I attended a retreat called Soulful Time Management led by a wonderful woman, Dr. Elaine Kiziah, who is now a mentor and friend.

Her retreat focused on journaling as a method to create what she calls a “beautiful life”.

For me, my career was my main focus because the other parts of my life were already pretty shiny.

This was such a life-changing experience in the company of other wonderful, purposeful, spiritual women that we all asked Elaine to do a follow-up session for us quarterly – so we wouldn’t lose momentum on our progress.

You know how those new year’s plans can go down the drain fast?

Being an amazing woman, she organized a half-day mini-retreat in April. This time it was held at a co-working space here in Richmond called The Broad (sadly it closed during the pandemic). It was a women-only organization (get it – The Broad? It was also on the corner of Broad St.) and I had no idea it existed.

I live out in the suburbs and The Broad was in the city, situated very inconspicuously – which ass a good idea for the safety and privacy of its members.

The space was so beautiful and well designed. We sat in a room on pretty couches with amazing natural light streaming in the windows.

It felt like a home designed by a very stylish woman, yet it also felt like a place where important work was happening, and transformational connections were born.

Women were growing here. Contributing. Thriving.

Elaine informed me that she was a member of this club and that she spent many days working in this space.

To say I was jealous was an understatement.

While we reconnected on the work we had done in January (which was so helpful!), I sat there drinking in the atmosphere, and as I walked around the top floor on our break and journaled in different corners of the space, I imagined myself working there.

Being a woman who runs her own successful business. Meeting people there. Creating. Communicating. A part of a tribe of women who also wanted more.

Fast forward to June 2019 I was officially a “Broad”, and at the end of August, I was a full-time entrepreneur.

No more juggling clients and content creation and social media posts with a day job.

I marked the end of doing work that didn’t fill my spirit and my soul.

Not too long after, I spent a Saturday at The Broad creating the invitations and flyers for a new group coaching program I was launching at the time, and I was keenly aware of how happy I was to be there – not only in that space on the very couch I enjoyed a productive and inspirational afternoon with Elaine and the other “soulful” ladies, but there as in this career.

This life. 

This is where gratitude is most important to attract more of what you want. And how did I begin to create the clarity around my career dreams, and make them a reality so quickly?

I named them.

I started to say out loud and to actual people (not just the dogs, although they are very supportive) that at some point (remember it started as a faraway plan) I was going to start a full-time career coaching business.

I declared it!

By doing that I cleared the space to attract this dream into my reality. The Universe didn’t know I was serious until I called my dream by name.

Of course, I took inspired action to move forward, but it started with stating my intention out loud.

Nothing happens without intention.

And now I am bathed in gratitude when I remember the moments when I put myself first and dared to put a form and a name to my desires.

The memory of the feelings of my former self will continue to guide me along the path to more and better things in business and life.

Remember it’s all connected!

However, before we embark on a new path, let’s be sure you are running to something, and not away from something.

Intentional desires and plans always feel good.

Please reach out if you’d like some help naming what you want – I’ll bring the megaphone!


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