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Carol’s Creative Rebel Productivity Studio


The 6-week group coaching program for time-challenged creatives ready to overcome obstacles and produce amazing work! Join me and others like-minded souls on April 9th for a unique transformational experience!

Can you imagine creating your best work and having enough time for all your eclectic pursuits and dreams?

I know that sounds amazing, but I imagine after trying to juggle all your passionate projects on your own – perhaps multiple times – you’re frustrated with not enough time and the pressures of earning a good living from your work…

You may be starting to wonder if you should just stay stuck in a job you don’t want, rather than steal random moments of creativity when the muse strikes!

(Hint…the answer is no, you don’t want that!)

Are you…

Sick of feeling like there aren’t enough hours in the day for all the projects your fertile mind creates in the shower or while driving?

Putting off your dreams because you can’t figure out how they fit into a practical life?

Tired of waiting for “someday” to bring your creative genius to fruition?

Feeling restricted by the structure of calendars, schedules and forced “creative time”?

Are you allergic to the “P words” – practical and planning? 

I hear you!


And WOW do I get it 

I’ve been in your shoes many times over, stuck in jobs I hated and feeling like there was no good way out – and I had BIG dreams for my fiction writing, and my desire to start a business helping others to realize their dreams! But, OH how I resisted anything that felt like structure around my time – it felt so “corporate” and the antithesis to my artistic spirit! BUT I am happy to report that I got over myself and I have created a system to help every Creative Rebel produce amazing work consistently!

The best news – I am ready to SHARE!

I synthesized all I’ve learned on my own path to creative bliss, and I have designed my own system that has helped creatives:


  • Embrace the “P words” and make productivity and planning their bitches!
  • Enjoy their work – the process and the finished beautiful result!
  • Develop the courage and confidence to claim their genius!
  • Move the needle on their creative projects!
  • Learn how to pay the bills and be a productive, working creative!

Can you imagine experiencing this kind of ease and success in your creative work, and finally feeling happy in your work?


This is your time to shine!

Grab it with both hands!

Partnering with Carol to strategically plan your career, uncover your next career opportunity and/or make the most of the role you have is the RIGHT DECISION. Carol is not just a career coach, but a career partner. She helps you gain clarity around your objects, gain confidence during and beyond your job search and support you as you transition into your new role. She is invested in your success and truly cares. Job searching is draining and can eat away at your confidence, making it hard to present your best self when opportunities do arise. Be proactive and work with Carol, so you are always present and on top of your game through any ups and downs in your career.

Elizabeth C.

Carol is an amazing career coach who is relatable, knowledgeable, and incredibly passionate about helping others throughout their career. Carol is truly invested in helping others find their career happiness by being empathetic and caring. Without a doubt, I confidently recommend Carol to anyone looking for guidance in their career. 

Equasha S.

I am excited to recommend Carol Maloney-Scott! I am impressed by how well she listened to my concerns and helped me reason-out the best solution for me and my current situation. – She is relatable and a provided me with a sense of calm, when all I really wanted to do was meltdown. On our first phone call, I could tell that she was genuine and tenacious in wanting to help me find a resolution to my dilemma. I’m proof that Carol has what it takes to truly accelerate your happiness! 

Stephanie H.

Introducing Carol’s Creative Rebel Productivity Studio!

The 6-week group coaching program for Creative Rebels ready for the support, strategy and guidance you have been craving to make time work for you!

Carol is amazing to work with. She listens intently and has wonderful ideas to help you find what truly speaks to you in your career. Her journaling prompts are so helpful and it’s been such a fun experience working with her. A truly incredible experience.

Kiley S.

Carol brought fun and focus to a stressful task that I had been putting off for far too long. She asked the right questions, giving me insight and a fresh perspective as to my strengths, and helped me see the forest instead of being paralyzed by hundreds of trees. I wholeheartedly recommend Carol to anybody in need of career change guidance!

Dawn T.

What’s Included

6 weeks of deep dive group coaching calls that cover everything you need to manage your time in a way that feels powerful and fun!

Weekly workbooks and “funwork” designed to move you through the process with ease and “ah ha” moments!

BONUS bi-weekly Q&A calls where we will review the topics and do some on the spot coaching!

A private Facebook group exclusively for Creative Rebels!!

Small group attention and real interaction with me and the group members!

So – for $297 TODAY you can invest in yourself and end the cycle of time management frustration and join me on the path to creative productivity for good!

Normal tuition is $697 for this amazing program – but for my new Time Blocking Summit friends you get it all for $297!!!

I can’t wait to SEE what you CREATE!  





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