The Unlimited Woman…

Doesn’t she sound like a superheroine?

To become her, you need to ditch your limiting beliefs, and doesn’t that sound daunting and exciting at the same time?

Believe me, I get it and I see you. I have been carrying around a truckload of limiting beliefs my whole life. But the good news is that when you shine a light on them you can quickly dismantle them and replace them with bright, shiny new beliefs that are true, good, and full of butt-kicking levels of motivation.

So, who are the voices in your head?

We like to think that as stable, well-adjusted women, we only have one voice in our heads, right? It’s the stable voice of reason and good decision-making, perfected by years of life experience and wisdom.

Ahem, let’s get real.

No matter how smart, experienced, or well-adjusted we are, we all have the tendency to listen to the OTHER VOICES.

Let’s examine those other voices – who they are, what they say, and why we might listen?

We don’t exist in a vacuum, and all our relationships and societal influences create our narrative – the stories we are told, and then in turn we tell ourselves (and then we tell our children!)

This cycle of storytelling is an ancient custom in all cultures, and it can be a wonderful way to pass down wisdom, humor, love, and useful advice.

But when it comes from the negative places of fear, lack, judgment, and ignorance – close your ears and RUN!

Unfortunately, much of this information is passed down to us when we are young and impressionable, and these damaging influences form much of our early beliefs about ourselves and what we can achieve in this world.

You may have had a very enlightened mother or grandmother, or some other person in your life who influenced you positively, and who did not entertain this nonsense when it came knocking.

Instead, they spouted tales and advice rooted in abundance, courage, curiosity, and knowledge.

If that’s the case you have a leg up on this work, but I am still willing to bet that once you left the womb of these smart, savvy ladies and ventured out into the big, bad real world you met some voices that fed you some garbage beliefs.

It’s okay – it happens to all of us and the good news is that we can silence the lies and bathe in the truth!

Let’s examine some limiting beliefs that you might hold when it comes to career change:

★  It’s too late to start over.

★  I spent too much time and money on my degree to change careers.

★  I am only qualified to do what I’ve been doing.

★  It will be too hard to do something different.

★  No one will be able to match my salary.

★  Companies want to replace experienced people with junior employees to pay less.

★   I should be happy that I have a good job with benefits.

★   Who am I to want more?

★   It’s greedy to try to earn more money.

★   If I change jobs, I will have to work harder for less.

★   I don’t know where to begin.

★   No one likes their job – we live for the weekends and vacations.

★   Work can’t be fun – that’s why they call it work, not play.

I could go on forever.

Do any of these stories sound familiar? I have heard all of these from clients who feel trapped in the wrong career, and guess what?

None of them are true.

Now I know you might be thinking that I’m wrong and that there is discrimination in hiring practices, and you really don’t know where to start, and companies do make it hard for us to change careers.

Sure, some of these are sometimes true for someone somewhere, but just because there could be a grain of truth in an idea it doesn’t mean we can’t overcome it, or that it’s valid for you the Unlimited Woman.

Obstacles are just problems to be solved – there aren’t any permanent ninety-foot concrete walls with snakes below and vultures above us!

If we want to have the career and life of our dreams, we must discount these negative voices and tell the dirty liars to run off into the sunset and leave us alone with the keys to success and the life we want to live.

Let’s try an exercise to dispel one of these common limiting beliefs.

It’s too late to start over.

I hear this one A LOT!!

Let’s apply the following questions to this belief and see how it holds up.

  1. Where did this belief come from, and who told me this story?
  2. Why do I believe it – where is the evidence?
  3. How is this belief serving me?
  4. If it’s not, what positive belief can I tell myself to erase and replace it?

You can ask yourself these questions about anything that is holding you back from the life and career you desire.

I’d love to hear your answers!

Please send me an InMail – I love to hear “career stories” and support my fellow Unlimited Women move from confusion to career clarity.

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