I was sitting in the daily recruiters meeting with our manager. I was working at a staffing firm placing IT professionals with local companies. I dreaded this meeting every day. It was a bit like Groundhog Day.

One guy rolled his eyes every day and almost got into a fistfight with our manager, and the other guy smiled like he had no idea there was a problem and exuded a fake cheeriness that made my stomach hurt. The third recruiter, a woman, and a good friend, was on the phone in the conference room, since she lived out of state and worked remotely.

Lucky her.

The tension was making me sick and I was routinely crying in the parking lot when I pulled into the office in the morning. Not full ugly cry bawling, but it was getting bad enough that I was having a very difficult time hiding my distress.

Long story short – I went back to my desk after that meeting and looked at my impossible, frustrating assignment for the day and made a decision – I was quitting. 

That’s right – I was a single mother at the time with no business quitting a job without having another one lined up, but I could not sit at that desk and pretend to live this life like a normal person for ONE MORE SECOND!

I ended up employed again in a few months and made a pivot to corporate recruiting, which turned out to be a good move for me.

Sort of.

You see, in the long run it wasn’t a good move because I was running AWAY from something instead of running TOWARDS something. I had no plan, guidance, or direction.

I was like a ping pong ball being hit back and forth by monkeys.

If you’ve ever felt this way, or been through this scenario, you know it’s an emotional roller coaster, and don’t we have enough of those in our personal lives?

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I wish I had made a PLAN instead of zigzagging all over the place. You can arrive where you are meant to be with much less drama and heartache!

You don’t need more caffeine to get going – you need a passionate purpose.

Remember, work CAN and SHOULD be fun!

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