What are you afraid of when it comes to a career change?

To illustrate the power of fear, and how it is often related to the unknown more than anything grounded in reality, I am going to share a story.

When I was a little girl – probably about 3 (although I think I may have even been younger – that’s how traumatic this was – I remember!), I received a Fisher-Price Buzzy Bee as a gift (I know I am dating myself!). It was a cute, age-appropriate toy, and I was TERRIFIED of it!!

I hid it at the bottom of my toy box and didn’t tell anyone I didn’t like it. It made a buzzy noise (obviously) when you touched it a certain way.

Since I was basically a baby, I would forget about it, accidentally find it at the bottom of my toy box, make it buzz, and my terror would be reborn.

I recalled this fear when I was writing some content for my group career coaching program and I couldn’t remember exactly what the Buzzy Bee looked like. Surely it must have been menacing since it was so incredibly scary to me. I do remember my little heart racing every time I saw it.

So, I Googled it and I couldn’t believe my eyes. Surely, I was typing the name incorrectly. Or maybe I had forgotten the name – there was no way this toy could have been scary.

Take a moment and Google it, and look at this horrifying sight, if you dare! (It’s also the article cover photo)

Silly little girl, right? It’s freaking adorable! Look at the little smile! She has a crown, like a queen. She has flowers painted on her body. She’s a beautiful, happy Queen BEE! If anything, this was an empowering symbol of girl power – way before its time!

So, why was I afraid?

Because I didn’t know that it couldn’t hurt me. I was always told to stay away from real bees as if they would kill me on contact.

Of course, telling children to avoid getting stung by a bee is good parenting, but I guess no one made the connection between those dangerous bees outside and this cute little toy bee, and how I might react.

I simply didn’t have all the information I needed, and I was afraid to ask.

I also felt shame and guilt because if my parents gave me this toy it must be something I should like. I must have been weird or defective in some way if I didn’t like this thing other kids liked.

I know – I was WAAAYYY too intense at 3!

The reason for sharing this is to show the parallels in my (and maybe in your) adult life.

Have you ever been afraid to ask when you didn’t understand?

Afraid to take a risk?

Ashamed or guilty about wanting more when society (or someone else) tells you that you should or shouldn’t like or do something?

Do you ever feel bad about being different or wanting to make a different choice than the one you’ve already invested in?

Well, you need to embrace your Inner Buzzy Bee!

That cute little bug can remind you that you need to look beyond your fears, dig into them, gather information, uncover the truth, measure the real risk, and find joy!

Someday when I am a grandmother, I am going to buy my granddaughter a Buzzy Bee (if I can find one haha) and teach her to face her fears armed with data, confidence, and the curiosity to open herself up to life!

For now, I’d love to help you!

I am not going to give you a Buzzy Bee, but I will help you to overcome your fears, develop confidence, ask the right questions, and explore the answers.

And now that I’m thinking about it, I think I am going to try to find a Buzzy Bee on eBay for myself. It would be the perfect reminder that things are usually not as scary as we make them out to be, and I am more powerful than my limiting beliefs.

Grab that journal and start examining the confused little girl inside of you, and help her to see that she is smart, powerful, and wise.

Her Inner Buzzy Bee just needs some love and support from your grown-up, wise self.

What Buzzy Bees have you allowed to hold you back? And how can your Inner Smart Chick help you take that first baby step out of your career ditch?

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