If that meme sums up your week, then you are doing it wrong.

And by “it”, I mean work. Life. All of it. Your whole existence.

We live in a society where it’s a source of humor to hate our jobs, and a badge of honor to “survive” to the weekend.

Do you really want to make fun of your unhappiness? Or congratulate yourself for only figuring out how to love less than half of your days on this earth?

And let’s not forget how the “Monday Blues” come creeping in on Sunday! Many people really can only relax from Friday night to Sunday morning.

So essentially you own 1.5 days of your life each week.

Um…that is not acceptable to me. And I know you feel the same way. You just haven’t dug yourself out of the hole yet.

So, what do you do? You post “Hump Day” memes on Wednesday of Snoopy cheering, and “We Made it to the Weekend” graphics of a fist pumping baby.

And of course, TGIF has been a common expression as long as I can remember.

Even Loverboy gave us, “Workin’ for the Weekend” in the 80’s.

But even though I loved those long-haired, eyeliner wearing hotties, they were wrong.

Yes, I said it. Loverboy was wrong.

And so are all the disillusioned people who have collectively decided to hide behind jokes and a shared “misery loves company” mentality to mask their pain, and make excuses for not pursuing their gifts and passions.

Well, not today Loverboy!

Today you can click on the link below and shoot me a note to book a FREE exploratory call:


Let’s kill the “cat dangling from a tree” Monday memes, and get you on your path to living every day fully.

That is where I am today, and if my husband wasn’t home on the weekends, I seriously would not know one day from the next. They all rock harder than an 80’s hair band!

Happy Wednesday!

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